Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Bra Chain Silver

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The chains can be worn as a self-contained, sexy outfit for naked skin or underwear or as an addition to everyday wear. They wrap around the waist and surround the breasts, looking very impressive and original.Adjustable size.Perfectly matches the other accessories of the series.Nickel free.Bijoux Indiscrets breast chain from the Magnifique collection. A new world bestseller - in summer 2017, the classic Magnifique collection for Bijoux Indiscrets is back. This time beautiful, subtle chains are available in gold and silver. See how beautifully they bring out the layers of eroticism in you.

Magnifique collection is a seductive collection of erotic accessories, which are both sensual decoration for the body and tools for achieving bodily pleasure. These unique items are designed to satisfy all the senses. Love and passion always go hand in hand, making it very difficult to separate them. If love is needed for our lives, passion is essential.

Love gives meaning to what we do, inspires us to move forward, makes us strong or makes us vulnerable. Passion, on the other hand, is the energy that comes from within ourselves, allows us to devote ourselves entirely to the work and activities we like and takes us to another world when it appears in our private lives. By creating an elusive thread of understanding between our partners, it consolidates our relationships with other people. The place where love and passion come together is Bijoux Indiscrets.