Bijoux Indiscrets Maze whip Tassel Flogger Black BU118B

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A Bijoux Indiscrets whip, with a flexible handle made of leather-like material. The article comes from the MAZE collection for the autumn/winter season 2017. MAZE is the latest collection from Bijoux Indiscrets, created for independent women who are aware of their sensual nature. These beautiful accessories will complement your daily outfit with a dose of spice. Each one of them will make your outlook provocative and seductive, without losing a touch of elegance and good taste.

You will find MAZE where sublime eroticism meets the latest trends in contemporary fashion. All products from the MAZE collection will work perfectly as a complement to everyday clothing, emphasizing the predatory and sensual character of the person wearing it, but can also be used as a visual complement to BDSM sessions.

Love and passion always go hand in hand, making it very difficult to separate them. If love is needed for our lives, passion is something essential. Love gives meaning to what we do, it inspires us to move forward.

It makes us strong or makes us vulnerable. Passion is the energy that comes from within us. It allows us to devote ourselves entirely to the work and activities we like. It moves us to another world when it appears in our private lives. By creating an elusive thread of understanding between our partners, it integrates our relationships with other people.

The place where love and passion come together is Bijoux Indiscrets. Product details: Plastic: Polyurethane-color: black All products in the MAZE collection have been manufactured using recycled, non-animal materials. They can be used by vegans. See other product categories for other products.

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